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Terms & Conditions

Unisounds 2019 Terms & Conditions


Close of Submissions: The date which new Submissions and edits to existing Submissions to the Competition close. 2019 submissions close 18th August, 2019 (extended from1st August).
(the) Competition: Unisounds, National Campus Band Comp (NCBC)
Competition Organisers: Tertiary Access Group (TAG) and Hub Artist Services
Competitor: Band, Soloist, Duo, Electronic Music Producer (not DJ)
DJ: A performer who mixes another person’s music, as opposed to creating their own tracks
Fee-Paying Member of TAG: A tertiary institution who has paid the appropriate annual membership fee
Live Event: Local, State or National performances advertised as a Unisounds initiative
Member: An individual that makes up a part, or whole, of a Competitor
Relevant Campus: The campus that the student is enrolled in the most credit points or resides within the closest radius to
Third-Party Partners & Sponsors: May include prize partners, cash sponsors, in-kind supporters that may include (but not limited to) live music venues or sound equipment providers

Terms & Conditions

  1. Entry Requirements

    1. Competitors must:
      1. have at least one member who is a current student at an institution that is a Fee-Paying member of Tertiary Access Group (TAG). This member (or members) must make a substantial contribution to the performance
      2. have a minimum of one member who is a currently enrolled student
      3. register all entry and contact details (including media-quality biography, photo and links to videos and social media platforms) via the registration form on the Competition website. It is up to the Competitors to make sure they are informed and aware of the timing and terms and conditions of the digital registration process as well as any live performances and details that may apply to performing and prize packs
      4. be made up of members over seventeen (17) years of age. You must supply a copy of your birth certificate, current driver’s license, proof of age card or passport confirming your age if requested by the Competition Organisers. Failure to do so will result in your disqualification from the Competition
      5. enter the Competition at one campus only (Relevant Campus)
      6. not be a past winner of the Competition
      7. not include individuals who are a part of more than two Competitors attached to the Competition in the same year
      8. not have signed a contract with a major record company and receive financial assistance
    2. No more than one common member is allowed between any two participating Competitors.
    3. The member signing the registration form warrants that he/she is authorised by any other member of their group to sign the registration form and to commit them to agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
    4. Each Competitor entering the Competition by doing so gives Competition Organisers and their third-party partners and sponsors of the Competition permission to use its name and the likeness of each Competitor for such promotional purposes as they see fit.
    5. Each Competitor entering the Competition by doing so gives Competition Organisers and their third-party partners and sponsors of the Competition permission to photograph, video, film or record their performance at any time during the Competition (there being no obligation on Competition Organisers to do so), and be able to use and or produce these recordings in a way to promote the event now and in the future with no financial gain to the entrants.
    6. Generally, it is a condition of participation that you have not previously entered into any commercial, contractual, sponsorship or other agreement or arrangement with any person, firm or company in respect of your musical and/or performing abilities or the products thereof or in respect of your name likeness, image or biography. However, should you have entered into such an arrangement, you must immediately notify Competition Organisers (prior to the close of Submissions), who may take such action as it considers in its absolute discretion to be appropriate including without limitation disqualifying you from the Competition process.
  2. Performance Requirements

    1. Competitors must:
      1. ensure they are prepared and ready to commence performance at the designated time during the Live Events.
      2. ensure that they do not exceed their performance time limit – with a set time of no less than 20 minutes.
      3. submit at least 80% original compositions during the registration stage.
      4. perform at least 80% original material at any live event.
      5. observe the relevant Campus or Venue policy on provision of sound, lighting, stage equipment and conduct. The Competitor acknowledges that they enter the Competition in good faith and that the Organisers cannot be held responsible for any technical problems that may occur. Organisers will endeavour to ensure the highest standards are adhered to at all times.
      6. ensure that when using samples that are subject to copyright, that all legal processes have been followed.
      7. conduct themselves in such a manner as not to bring Competition Organisers and Sponsors into disrepute:
        - Competition Organisers encourage responsible consumption of alcohol and requires all Competitors not to be deemed intoxicated and to be drug-free whilst competing at Competition events
        - Music is a platform for free expression. But the Competition does not support content that promotes or condones violence against individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity, or whose primary purpose is inciting hatred on the basis of these core characteristics
    2. Campus Organisers will:
      1. give Competitors reasonable notice of the designated performance time.
      2. advise Competitors of any backline provided (backline at any live event is subject to change).
    3. Finalists must:
      1. use your best efforts to participate in any promotional activities requested by Competition Organisers. You are also encouraged to seek your own media opportunities.
      2. contact Competition Organisers to seek relevant information regarding their Live Event.
      3. be prepared to travel to the host city of the Event for up to 3 days in Sep/Oct 2019 and agree to participate in a Conference/Mentor Workshop and Live Event. Failure to commit to this will result in forfeiture of the Final position.
      4. be prepared to enter a recording studio in the host city on the day following the Live Event final performance to record one original composition should they be deemed the Competition Winner.
    4. Competitors will not be paid a fee for their live performances and will be responsible for any additional backline or production costs that are not provided by Competition Organisers or the Event Promoters.
  3. Judging Criteria

    1. Judges' decisions are final.
    2. Judges, Competition Organisers, Third-Party Partners & Sponsors nor any other entity providing services to the Competition will not enter into or engage, in any correspondence, discussion or debate about the outcome of the event.
  4. Limitation of Liability

    1. Competition Organisers have sole discretion regarding organisation of the Competition including dates and times of events and the order in which Competitors will perform.
    2. Prizes have been confirmed in good faith and Competition Organisers cannot be held responsible for changes or withdrawal of prizes due to circumstances beyond their control. This includes any loss, damage or injury (including consequential loss) occurring from the withdrawal or change of prize/s.
    3. Prizes must be taken as offered and will be announced publicly prior to Close of Submissions.
    4. Finalists will be presented non-negotiable term sheets relating to the Final Prize offering. Failure to agree to the terms presented will result in forfeiture of the Finals position, and the next highest judged Competitor will take this place.
  5. Interstate travel related expenses: (Live Finalist)

    1. For any Finalist traveling from or residing outside the host state, travel and accommodation will be booked by Competition Organisers up to the value of $2,000 per group including:
      1. Transport: flights will be booked based on the lowest price economy class ticket/s at the time of booking, transfers including but not limited to taxis, ride-share services and shuttles remain the responsibility of the Finalist.
      2. Accommodation: up to 2 nights’ accommodation of an appropriate standard within as close proximity to the event as possible.
      3. Food and Beverages: will be provided during the Conference/Mentor Workshop, other food and beverage remain the responsibility of the Finalist.
    2. Travel costs are not redeemable for cash.
    3. Personal and Equipment Insurance: All Finalists must purchase their own insurance, this is not covered by or a responsibility of Competition Organisers. Competition Organisers will not be held responsible for any theft, loss or damage of personal luggage and effects or damage to any property or person whilst travelling to and from or during the event.
    4. While all care shall be taken in running the Competition, Competition Organisers, Sponsors and Promoters are not liable to any Competitor entering the Competition, or any other person or entity, for any loss, damage or injury (including consequential loss) however caused (including negligence) as a consequence of the Competition..


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