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WARTABAR is a multi-faceted creative musician. He is currently studying at the Australian Institute of Music (AIM) in Surry Hills, Sydney campus. Primarily, he is a singer/songwriter and dancer. He also likes to occasionally rap, write poetry, play guitar, drums and bass, produce (making beats and composing/arranging) and DJ. He likes to experiment and venture into different creative avenues. He never had any formal training for any of these musical elements except for guitar. He formally learned (and was formally taught) to play guitar at the age of 10. The genre of music he is mainly influenced by is Pop with infused elements of R&B, Soul and Hip Hop. As a music fan, he also enjoys listening to various other genres including Classical, Jazz, Reggaeton (and Reggae), Rock, and many other genres. He primarily creates Pop music with infused elements of R&B, Soul and Hip Hop. As a musician, he is inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson, Tori Kelly, Stevie Wonder and Prince (to name a few).. Being a dancer, he is inspired by dancers such as Michael Jackson, James Brown, Usher, Chris Brown, Hrithik Roshan, Fred Astaire, Gregory Hines, Magna Gopal and Dytto (to name a few). He has experience in being a recording artist and live performance. This includes: singing in church, high school talent show performances, live gigs at local cafes and restaurants, School Spectacular (2011 dance performance) dancing a Pop/Hip Hop/Contemporary routine to Jennifer Lopez’s “On The Floor” and Sam Sparro’s “21st Century Life”. Music to WARTABAR isn’t just aesthetics. He recognizes it as a powerful tool to communicate his messages across to his audience. As well as creating beautiful art, he sees music as a platform to inspire, motivate and reach out to people. He wants to relate to people through his life experiences, perspectives and empathise with their circumstances/situations and share his values and beliefs with them.
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Active since: January, 2017
Genre/s: pop, R&B, Soul, acoustic, acoustic covers
Sounds like: Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Tori Kelly, Ed Sheeran
Members: Leslie Gagau


Votes (2019)sort ascending
This Love (Demo) 58
I Want It That Way (Mashup) 50
On My Own (Demo) 49




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