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The biggest driving force for Melbourne band Vallee has been the positive response from strangers from all around the world connecting with their music. Influenced by the new wave and post punk revival scenes, the collaborative song writing skills of guitarist Michael Keirs and bassist Brendan Aked combine high energy jams and shared vocals with the intent of capturing the feeling of nostalgia you have on a warm summers day. Getting back into the studio with producer Beau McKee (Closure in Moscow, Sky Ferreira) for their upcoming EP Vices was a no-brainer. “Beau helped define our sound in the studio and his vision for the final product captured all that we set out to achieve” says Brendan, “he’s a wizard behind the desk and a great guy to work with.” When the duo started collaborating on material for their first EP Radio back in 2014 it was decided there wouldn’t be just the one front man. “There was this conversation we had where we were both opposed to being the front man” says Michael, “we try to approach each song differently and just let everything happen organically.” ‘The sounds we most adhere to are the post punk revival scenes from the late 90’s onwards and the new wave scene that stems from the 80’s” says Brendan, “what Bloc Party and the Wombats are doing is great and if we can get into that zone for even a second then we’re happy”. ‘Inspiration for songwriting is one of those few things left in the world that is still a mystery and I truly believe that the right instrument can inspire great songs” explains Michael of his ‘62 Telecaster which is a staple of the bands signature sound. The title track off their first EP Radio reached #1 on the Triple J Unearthed charts and subsequent video was featured on, whilst second single Cuba debuted at #9 and received airplay on Unearthed radio. “Vallee’s sound is so tight, high energy and infectious” writes Shelia Taylor of blog site, “Vallee’s lyrics are catchy and honest"
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Active since: January, 2014
Genre/s: indie rock
Sounds like: Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, The Wombats
Members: Brendan Aked, Michael Keirs, Jon Ong


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