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The Tin Knees

The Tin Knees

Dressed in their pink jumpsuits and a thin layer of dried goon, The Tin Knees are a big ball of musical fun. The boys and girls in pink love a night of reasonable drinking, making cream, drinking Gatorade and letting down their beautiful mullets to blow in the Wollongong coastal wind. Frontman and guitarist, Harry — A.K.A ‘Sticky-Knees-Johnson’, is a multi-instrumentalist, narcissistic, mentally unstable, hipster wanker, self-proclaimed family disappointment. Blowing hard on the sexy sax is Eugene — A.K.A ‘Slippery-Fingers-Johnson’, spends most of his time un-ironically dabbing and aggressively high-fiving strangers. Slapping away at the Bass Guitar like it’s your own booty after 10 squats, Conor — A.K.A ‘Mr Thunder-Thumbs-Johnson’, the backbone of The Tin Knees, not only a talented bassman, but also very good at crossword puzzles. Pulling the boys in line, shedding it up on Rhythm Guitar, she’s the heart and soul of the band, the sugar to our spice, the straw to our berry, the lighter to our rollies, it’s the one and only, Maggie — A.K.A ‘Mum-Jeans-Johnson’. With hit songs like: Dave’s Mum is a Bitch Do You Want a Ciggie? Can I Lick Your Butthole? (Only If You Want Me To) Tony’s Chicken Warms My Heart I Wanna Be a Soccer Mum They sure are a band that's fun for the whole family. (Provided that each member of your family is over the age of 18).
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Active since: June, 2017
Genre/s: indie pop, Garage Rock, jazz pop, Surf Rock, Psychedelic, alternative/indie, alternative pop, indie rock
Sounds like: courtney barnett, the chats, ball park music, skegss, dune rats, the bennies, bugs, sergei rachmaninoff
Members: Harry, Maggie, Conor, Rowan


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The Winfield Blues 19
Tony's Chicken Warms My Heart 19
I Wanna Be A Soccer Mum 19