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The Small Press

The Small Press

The Small Press are a pop-punk band formed in May 2017 and based in the inner-west of Sydney.Their songs are constructed of equal parts attitude and hook and are powerfully delivered by dynamic front-woman Maddie Gilholme. Debut single 'Console Kids' was released in March 2018 and has been described by Declan Byrne, host of Triple J's Home and Hosed as ' on!' After playing numerous shows in Sydney to support the release of 'Console Kids', The Small Press has recently released their second single "Not Afraid to Love You", a pop punk BANGER!!!
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Active since: May, 2017
Genre/s: Power Pop, pop, Rock, Garage Rock
Sounds like: Weezer, The Smiths, Killing Heidi.
Members: Llewellyn, Nicholas, James, Rohan, Maddie


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Console Kids 60
Not Afraid to Love You 58




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