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Slapjack were formed in the spring of 2018 and aim to create and perform music that allows everyone to get up and have a boogie regardless of Prepare yourselves to embark on the most fantastic freshest, funkiest, journey of your life. An adventure so extremely epic, experts still cannot explain how this phenomenon has come to actually exist in this mortal plain. Thankfully, a group of 7 young individuals have fearlessly volunteered to be part of this maiden voyage into this unknown realm. Join us on our quest to unleash seismic grooves and infectious moves into the world and beyond.
Active since: January, 2019
Genre/s: Funk, Dance, Funk rock, Indie-folk, Alt Rock, Jazz rap
Sounds like: Bruno Mars, Ripe, Hot potato band
Ben Moonen, Chris Turner, Izzy Rendina, Chris Bass, Nick Crameri, Chris Holburn, Fernando Carvajal