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Nemo (Nima) and Erik first met through mutual friends and a game of beer-pong at a party. After seeing instruments at the party and sitting down for a quick jam they realized their common love and taste in music. After deciding to play a few gigs, the two came together and worked on a few songs which led them to participate in the Wollongong university band comp called the Jam. The songs they played we're a mix of covers and new material. Following the success of that event, they decided to record their music in Nemo's bedroom using limited resources. A brand new day is a song about Australia and how it is seen through Erik's Eyes. Drunk Friends is a song about friendship and for all the great friends that take care of you when you're drunk. Hoo,Hoo is a song sung in Persian. It is about how love is more powerful than people realize.
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Active since: January, 2018
Members: Nima Dehghani, Erik Brettingen Johansen


Votes (2019)sort ascending
Hoo-Hoo 59
Drunk Friends- LIVE Recording 58
Brand New Day 53




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