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Room 25

Room 25

Completely indie and completely self made. Room 25 is a rock collective from Western Sydney that aims to encapsulate the essence of fun through music, from the fast-paced Don't Believe Me to the slower Sunny Day. The co-lead vocals from guitarist Briant and bassist PJ, combined with the energetic drumming of Amandip are the driving force behind said tunes. Debut EP "Vacancy" is a culmination of DIY efforts, recorded in Amandip's 40°C bedroom and mixed/mastered in house by PJ.
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Active since: April, 2015
Genre/s: indie, Rock, pop, alternative
Sounds like: the strokes, Blink-182, The Smiths, Tame Impala, Arctic Monkeys
Members: Briant Longabela, Amandip Singh, PJ Deghaim


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Sunny Day 56
Run Away 55
Of Me 48




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