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Who is Roka Fela? A 20 year old DJ and music producer from Johannesburg, South Africa woken up by a dream of climbing up the music scene and fuelled by ambition of becoming the best. When did I start DJing & producing? I started in 2008 on my cousin’s laptop on Virtual DJ. As the years went by the skills improved and interest grew to a passion of music that I have adopted today. As a producer, I started in 2009 on FL Studio then changed to Apple's Logic Pro X in 2014. A description of my sound ? Groovy rhythms, driving bass, catchy percussions with mesmerizing synths and lead synths that all build up to an intense moment of craziness! Goal as a DJ? I aim to become a widely respected DJ because of my level of consistency and due to my ever changing energetic sets, leaving long lasting memories of a great night out. Goal as a producer? I aim to become an influential artist that speaks only through music, appealing to every individual on this planet. The goal is to tell a tale of my own and inspire newer artists to tell their own tales.
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Active since: April, 2013
Genre/s: EDM, Progressive House, Electro House
Sounds like: Axwell & Ingrosso, Hardwell, deadmau5
Members: Maisha Luvhani


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