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Robot Overlords DJ Mix

Robot Overlords DJ Mix

Robot Overlords is an electronic indie rock band from Melbourne, Australia. Blending complex electronic soundscapes with open to interpretation lyrics and high-energy live performance, Robot Overlords creates hypnotically addictive music and experiences that take our listeners on a journey of immersive imagination and sensations. Check out our site at This is our electronic DJ Mix side.
Active since: February, 2017
Genre/s: electronic, Trance, soundtrack, progressive electronic, Electro House, Electronic Rock
Sounds like: Tiesto, Moby, Jean-Michel Jarre, Infected Mushrooms, MGMT
Anastasia Lastovirya, Anna Yuan, Mick Yum, Pano Stath, Victor Kovalev


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Panda Eats Bamboo (DJ mix)
Robot Overlords DJ Mix