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Orange Passiona

Orange Passiona

Unwilling to be pigeon holed into one genre, Orange Passiona aim to create a fusion of all musical genres to keep themselves and the audience engaged at the strike of every chord. Taking heavy inspiration from the spontaneous playing styles of Jack White, Jimi Hendrix and Frank Zappa and combining this with the soaring choruses and mellow vibes of bands such as Ocean Alley, Orange Passiona aim to deliver a sound that resonates with listeners from all musical backgrounds. Orange Passiona is currently working on their debut home recorded/mixed EP and are excited to seize any and all opportunities to share their music with the world. Photos: Four Minutes to Midnight
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Active since: October, 2018
Genre/s: Psychedelic, Reggae, Surf Rock, Blues
Sounds like: Jack White, Ocean Alley, skegss, Jungle Giants, Lime Cordiale
Members: Milton Stathakis (Lead/Vocals), Isaac Atienzo (Rhythm/Vocals), Nicholas Stathakis (Drums), Oliver Andersen (Keys), Jesse Elton (Bass/Vocals))


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