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In July 2016 I moved to Melbourne from Perth, where I had been DJing around town while working as a journalist. It had become quite clear to me in the lead up to my cross-country move that music was the thing I was most interested in and probably best at. So I moved to Melbourne primarily to develop my abilities to make and play music. I've just finished my Diploma of Music Production and I plan to have six-ten songs finished by the end of the year, so I can send them to record labels, promoters and other people I know in the music world. Three of these tracks are done and I'm submitting them for this year's Unisounds comp. Fortunately I'm building a relatively extensive music network. I co-organise, as the chief musical director, multi-displicnary arts events in Melbourne. Our last two shows sold out and we've gotten a bit of attention from some local events groups and record labels. I also write for Canadian online music mag Bolting Bits and have met dozens of musicians and others in the music industry though that. On top of writing and producing work I plan to release under "Naz," I have DJed under the same name at a few clubs at events in Melbourne, including twice at Revolver upstairs. I also recently finished making the film score for a short film, which was the directorial debut of local playwright Angus Cameron. Music and words are my two biggest interests and the things I find most useful for self-expression and therapy. At the moment, I'm particularly interested in when and how they can intersect in fresh ways. Lyrics are common in music, but sampled, philosophically-minded words in electronic music are not, so that's what I've been working on and my three submissions for Unisounds 2018 are examples of that work.
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Active since: July, 2015
Genre/s: electronic, Experimental, ambient, Techno, House
Sounds like: Autechre, Prince of Denmark, Die Wiese Im garten
Members: Jacob Nazroo


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