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Mortal Wombat

Mortal Wombat

Mortal Wombat is a 4 piece rock band based in Adelaide, Australia. Gigging since 2017, the band has gained a reputation for their electric stage presence and powerful music. Their first single, Fierce, was released in June of 2018 and paints a clear picture of the band's sound; with head-banging riffs and womanising lyrics. Mortal Wombat's lead vocalist and front man Cameron Johnson is known for belting out vocal melodies, with Jordan Burnett besides him spitting out riffs and licks on the lead guitar. The rhythm section of the band consists of bassist, Michael Esterhuizen and drummer, Reece Graetz. The pair provide the backbone of the band, with powerful bass lines and snare-cracking drum beats.
Active since: March, 2017
Genre/s: hard rock, Power Blues, alternative rock
Sounds like: Led Zepplin, the who, Audioslave, The Beatles
Cameron Johnson, Jordan Burnett, Michael Esterhuizen, Reece Graetz


WIldcard Votessort ascending
Mortal Wombat
Time and Whisky
Mortal Wombat