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Misfit Mediocrity

Misfit Mediocrity

This shy, barely-competent math-major tries to do for electronic music what Cardiacs did for rock music. A complete discography (most of which is crap) can be found here:
Active since: June, 2015
Genre/s: classitronica, outsider music, novelty music, neoclassical, synth pop, progressive electronic, Experimental, vgm, vocaloid
Sounds like: Synergy (Larry Fast), Maurice Ravel, Soulless Wooden Dummy, Cardiacs, Brian Tessler, Aleksi Eeben, Humming Assortments, Cyriak, Olivier Messiaen, Alexander Scriabin, Frederic Chopin, Frank Zappa, Claude Debussy, all mushed together into a synthy mess


WIldcard Votessort ascending
Shiny People (feat. Bones the vocaloid)
Misfit Mediocrity
No Samples
Misfit Mediocrity