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Milo Viti

Milo Viti

Milo Viti is a mix between dirty distortion and deep, enveloping ambience. This band defines a new genre in dark Pop, Dance, Rock with a balance of passionate attraction and intense disgust: an excruciating pleasure. The name is derived directly from the lead singer and main songwriter Milo Viti. Throughout Milo's life he has always felt different. Never really fitting in but always being able to adapt and it's through constantly moulding himself that has lead him to understand how similar people are in their differences. Everyone is trying to be what everyone else is trying to be. While other bands are taking influences from past decades Milo Viti, as a band, actively disengage in current pop music trends of what people expect and alternatively give you what you didn't know you wanted. Ominous ambience is contrasted by huge, off-beat dance choruses brightly welcoming you with a dark animosity. A kind of Paradox Pop. In a world full of too much information it is easy to become overwhelmingly numb. How can you be sure about what you think when people can think the exact opposite thing for the exact same reason? Things are becoming more artificially real and people are becoming more naturally fake. Milo Viti tap into a restrained rage that is emerging due to the continuously unstable balance in the world and bring you an unmistakably distinct sound.
Active since: May, 2018
Genre/s: pop, Dance, Rock, indie, alternative
Sounds like: NorthEast Party House, The Wombats, The Presets, Bad Pony
Milo Viti, John Gabor, Josh Hutton, Ben Dương, Fin Casey


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Be Cool (Demo)
Milo Viti
So Good (Demo)
Milo Viti