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milo viti

milo viti

Mixing Punk style drums, Rock guitars, EDM synth and Pop vocals, milo viti combine the fast paced energy of a Punk Rock band with a huge off-beat dance appeal. They are a nonconformist rock band with a provocative Pop finesse combining unapologetic distortion and controlled precision to make a kind of paradox Pop. After releasing their debut single earlier in the year milo viti are back to release their Pop Punk followup 'Pretty As A Peach'. The new song about being attracted to someone physically while simultaneously being deterred by their personality. It reflects the current tendencies for people to project themselves looking flawless and faking perfect moments online while lacking substance in their real lives. "I really wanted to push the lyrics so that they sound more expletive than they actually are. There is no bad language in this song even though it may inadvertently sound like it . Words can have different meanings depending how you hear them.“ -- Luke (lead singer)
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Active since: May, 2018
Genre/s: Alternative Pop Rock, Rock, Punk, Dance Punk, Pop Punk
Sounds like: All Time Low, Stand Atlantic, Alkaline Trio, Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World, The Wombats
Members: Luke "Milo" Mangraviti, John Gabor, Josh, Koi


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