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The Med Heads

The Med Heads

The Meddies are Newys (Newcastle's) new psych punk band with influences from the new york dolls, the stooges, mc5, johnny thunders, The Gun Club and the cramps.... these cats bring the acid aztec shirts to the party! Every song is somehow twisted into the overarching story that is the meddies abduction and consequential inhabitance on an alien ship, ruled by the reptilian over lords but ran by the very noticeable greys. The meds mix fast psych punk with conspiracy theories whilst playing nonstop in the good ole ramones fashion! The meds have been together for 3 years, recording our first EP to tape early last year, we are now venturing on a 3 year, 7 ep challenge, an EP for every note (A-G), a note for every dimension we travel. Currently 3 are written and planned to record in DECEMBER. Each EP will be based around the key with all songs tying together in a medley fashion. 60s garage rock and early psych punk are the driving influences in sound, content is straight from the CIA archives, interdimensional travel, battles between insectocoids and reptilians, a love story between one of the band members and a controlled Grey alien. The guys travel with you on stage whilst telling you of their very own abduction experiences.
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Active since: January, 2016
Genre/s: Garage Rock, Punk Rock, jazz swing
Sounds like: The Stooges, The Cramps, Budos Band, New York Dolls, MC5
Members: Jordan Owen, Mark Sumner, Cale Labbe, Dhare Labbe, Kyle Rhoades


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