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LJ Parks

LJ Parks

LJ Parks is a Hobart based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a powerful voice and a passion for the dark and sinister. She’s been writing communicative and introspective songs since the age of 10, exploring common issues faced by society whilst occasionally poking fun at them (and herself). LJ spent her early teens being dragged to music festivals by her parents. Within a few years she was choosing the festivals and dragging them. Having been educated in genres ranging from blues and jazz to classical, LJ's music is inspired by styles old and new - incorporating a blend of folk and rock that surges through the soul and sends shivers down the spine.
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Genre/s: alternative rock, folk rock, alternative, Rock, Folk, acoustic, songwriter, singer, singer songwriter, grunge
Sounds like: courtney barnett, jen cloher, The Cranberries, nirvana



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