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Lijuka are a Melbourne based trio whose unique sound swings from ambient drone based musings to jazz-infused grooves. This saxophone/drums/guitar combo draws on acoustic and electronic elements, such as live-looping and real-time sound manipulation, to create a rich aural landscape. Heavily influenced by their studies in contemporary jazz, improvisation, ambient music, soundscapes and intercultural disciplines, their music aims to conjure vivid imagery in the mind of the listener. In December 2017, Lijuka were awarded the inaugural Recording Prize for their debut set at The JazzLab as part of the Melbourne Women's International Jazz Festival. 2018 saw the trio begin collaboration with visual artists culminating in a successful performance of their original audio-visual show Macro/microcosm as part of the 2018 Melbourne Fringe Festival. Lijuka closed 2018 with the release of their debut single ‘Registaan’.
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Active since: December, 2017
Genre/s: Jazz, Improvisation, Rock, alternative, SpaceJazz, SpaceRock, ambient, Soundscape, Filmscore, Carnatic, Live-looping, electro-acoustic, instrumental, Drone, Groove, Prog, Progjazz
Sounds like: Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Donny McCaslin, Andrea Keller, Tripataka, Sandy Evans
Members: Katrina Owen, Libby Ferris, Julia Bebenek


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