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Lights Of Berlin

Lights Of Berlin

Something magical happens when a great band collides with a great producer. In many cases, it is the missing link – the fifth Beatle, as was the case with George Martinas it allows the band to express their truest voice; completely unencumbered by sonic limitations. After a sold-out tour of Australia and award winning record produced by ARIA Award-winner producer Forrester Savell... the band is back with a loud new release. The most recent single from Magic Lines – Michelle – just won Song of the Year and it utterly shows off that band-meets-producer magic. Savell (Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus) captures the power of Lights Of Berlin's live sound with blistering dynamics. Ben Cremer's drums are at terminal velocity, Michael Hilliard's bass is the band's backbone, Campbell Ellis' guitars are impossible huge, and Devon Bayer's voice with his staggering vocal range cuts through the mix as if he were in the room with you. Now the band return with a bigger, crunchier more raw song “Masquerade” produced by Triple J mainstay Andy Lawson (Tired Lion, Eskimo Joe, Gyroscope, The Chemist). This new single brings back a much riffier, and punchier sound that live audiences have been eating up across the country. There is currently a wave of young bands who continue to raise the bar of homegrown music, and Lights Of Berlin have definitely earned a place among their ranks. Having progressed past the preliminary phase of a band's life, winning band comps and becoming a go-to support act, Lights Of Berlin are now capable of selling out their own headline tours, and, as Song of the Year win clearly shows, producing killer music.
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Active since: October, 2013
Genre/s: Rock, Alt Rock, Riff Rock, alternative, indie
Sounds like: Royal Blood, Led Zepplin, The Getaway Plan, Biffy Clyro
Members: Devon Bayer, Campbell Ellis, Michael Hilliard, Ben Cremer


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Chosen Ones 59
Masquerade 55
Michelle 52




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