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Just a student who has no clue what they are doing but likes music and wanted to follow it really... when I think about it, I'm pretty sure I just decided "why not" and now I attempt to make music that people will enjoy like I do. It's been a love hate relationship as I used to dread music lessons in primary school, then stopped, found an appreciation for it, now regret not following through but love it all the same :) Still trying to find a style that works best for me in the amount of time I have to find it, though I may have narrowed it down somewhat after my recent release "Summer Nights". Basically I'm now a bedroom producer who tries to find the time to work on 50 different unfinished projects when they procrastinate from their studies :') I hope anyone who listens enjoys what I release and if it goes somewhere then I reckon I'll be happy with wherever that is :D
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Active since: July, 2017
Genre/s: electronic, Future Bass
Sounds like: Miriku, Paces, T-Mass, Price & Takis, Said The Sky, BYKAE, Jai Wolf, Cheat Codes, Ghastly, NGHTMRE
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