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Last Thursday

Last Thursday are taking large sonic steps forward in their collaborative and creative journey. Fuelled by new experiences thrust upon them and the transition from youth to adulthood, the band has crafted a unique and honest sound that is expansive, driving and powerful. Whether live or recorded, it hits you square in the chest and doesn’t waver. The band dropped their single ‘Only Man’ in early 2018, merely a few months from graduating high school and within two months of its release, it hit over 40,000 plays. In the months after the release, Last Thursday sold out shows at The Record Crate and frequented many other venues around Sydney. Over the next 6 months, the band continued to build their audience and develop their content, while frontman Euan Hart traveled internationally. Since his return at the start of 2019, Last Thursday has played at the sold-out Oxford Art Factory Gallery Bar, packed out headline shows at the Vanguard and the Bank Hotel, and continued establishing themselves squarely within the Sydney live music community. Their anthemic choruses and addictive melodies are compared to that of Middle Kids, Kings of Leon, I know Leopard, Coldplay, Lime Cordiale and HOLY HOLY. The band explains “we want to make music that is not only true to us, emotionally, but also true to our listeners” No matter the tune, there's no doubt that through their driving rhythms, pulsating bass lines and raw lyrics you’re immediately immersed into a world where you can’t help do anything but feel something. Despite their youth, the band speaks with honesty and creates a sense of understanding with those listening. Last Thursday are on the horizon of releasing their upcoming EP in early 2020, with their strongly evolved sound to be showcased in their upcoming singles.
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Active since: June, 2017
Genre/s: indie rock, alternative/indie, Alternative Pop Rock, alt rock/brit pop, alternative rock, Britpop
Sounds like: Catfish & The Bottlemen, Kings of Leon, Middle kids, Gang of Youths, Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys, Holy Holy, Lime Cordiale, hockey dad
Members: Christian Amore, John Bilsel, Euan Hart, Jaspar McCahon-Boersma, Oilver Andersen


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