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HyperTron CollidéScope

HyperTron CollidéScope

HyperTron CollideScope are an explosive new original 2 piece 'Ultra Love Rock' band from Melbourne(northern and eastern suburbs) forming in early 2017. With Wade Danger, 32 out the front on vocals/guitar and Jay Riley, 21 thunderously pounding on the drums, these 2 high velocity individuals create enough roar sonic energy to blow any standard rock outfit off the stage. Their original music cover a variety of topics from politically charged rant fests and heart wrenching pop-rock ballads to chugging AI apocalyptic metal brutality, but focus mainly on Zepplin-esque sultry love rock. You can find HyperTron CollideScope in their natural habitat on stage at Rock Bars, Dive Bars, Live Music Venues and Music Festivals, and are about to release their debut EP,'Ultra Love Rock' on cassette and digital download.
Active since: January, 2017
Genre/s: Ultra Love Rock, Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal, Stadium Rock
Sounds like: Deep purple, Black Sabbath, Metallica, led zeppelin, Guns n Roses
Wade Danger, Jay Riley


WIldcard Votessort ascending
Night Rider
HyperTron CollidéScope
Weapon of Mass Seduction
HyperTron CollidéScope
Rock n' Relaxation
HyperTron CollidéScope