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Georgia McAlpine

Georgia McAlpine

I am a singer/songwriter from Buntine in the Wheatbelt. After receiving singing and guitar lessons in primary school, where I began to write songs, my passion for music grew. I attended boarding school in Perth and was very fortunate to be surrounded by many opportunities to practice and perform music both by myself and with friends. Being away from home, music became more than just a passion, it was an outlet for coping with being away from all that I knew in the small town of Buntine. While studying at university in Perth, I have continued to write and perform. In 2018, I released an EP, Asunder. Asunder means “apart” and each of the songs reflect times where I have lost someone, something or even parts of myself. The sound is raw and acoustic, and my hope is that through sharing my thoughts through lyrics and music, I am able to connect very openly to those listening, so that they too may be able to cope with something they are going through. In the future, I hope to create music videos which are though provoking, so as to further make a statement and create conversations about particular issues or topics.
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Active since: July, 2018
Genre/s: Folk, Indie-rock, indie-pop


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