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The Fools

The Fools

We are a band that started around April 2017 in the Ragged students flats of Dunedin, New Zealand. We met all purely because of our similar taste in music and figured on the day we met as we sunk down some brews on a rooftop that we might as well start a band just for some fun. From this point on we played on decks, emptied out lounges while setting up in the kitchen, roof tops, stages and even in a clothing store at one point. It was all fun and hangovers until we realized we should try take this further. Our singer David applied to study music at university on the gold coast and considering we were having so much fun together we decided to all make the move. We all got in our car and went to live on an orchard for the summer to save money so we could cross the ditch. We picked fruit, played orchard gigs for people who hardly understood English and spent a lot of time eating too much. Our fruity summer came to an end and after sharing rooms, clothes and food for the summer we jumped on a plane and made the move. Three weeks we had to find jobs before Uni started for David, that didn't go so well but that is another story entirely. On the First day of uni we met our Funky bass player Josh and with no question he was in the band due to his personality and the fact it wouldn't hurt to have at least one Australian musician in the band if we were to be living here. Our focus is music and our band through and through, so as Kyle and George make the money, David and Josh study the music, as the motley group we come across as, we put what we can into our band in hope to release our first EP as soon as possible and play as many gigs as we can. Lots of people think we are being ridiculous moving country at such a early stage as a band but in the end we know that, that's why we are The Fools
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Active since: April, 2017
Genre/s: indie rock, Surf, Blues, Reggae
Sounds like: Six60, Ocean Alley
Members: Josh McLeod, Kyle Tompkins, George Swan, David Pickard


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