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Filthy Minds

Filthy Minds

Wildly passionate about love, sex, music and dancing, Filthy Minds will smack you right up your funky. Once their music hits your ears it’ll make a beeline for your hips and you’ll light up like a kid in a candy shop. These boys are at their filthiest on stage, delivering a dynamic live set reminiscent of high energy-indie rockers Hockey Dad and Skeggs, and on the other end of the spectrum, some intimate, passionate originals inspired by bands such as Ocean Alley and Sticky Fingers. Held together on drums by Sam de Lange, sung and strummed hypnotically by Ben Batistich, with Jodi Pike shredding on lead guitar, Lindsay on synth and Jay Mulligan slapping the bass. These boys will fly you to the moon and back, and show you what it is to play with fire. They promise a wildly entertaining, passionate, and above all, a filthy night.
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Active since: August, 2017
Genre/s: alternative/indie, indie rock, Surf Rock
Sounds like: Sticky Fingers, Ocean Alley, hockey dad, skeggs
Members: Ben Batistich, Jay Mulligan, Samayah de Lange, Lindsay Bright-Mync, Jodi Pike



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