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The Factory

The Factory

We are a 5 piece band based out of Sydney; a couple of students at UTS who got together early 2017. We love to play and perform and aim to rejuvenate the love for rock'n'roll and encourage more live music among the local community, to be a part of something. We have Jawad as our frontman, with his great vocals as well as on stage antics (which may have lead to a few broken mic stands along the way), you're in for a rocking time. Next up is Gab and Jakeb both shredding it on their guitars! Watch out for the radical guitar battles. Then there's ya boi Tim, plonking along on the bass making sure everyone is getting groovy, with the occasional slap just to spice things up. Last but not least we have Jacko on the drums absolutely killing every drum beat, fill and solo making sure to keep the energy high and the amount of bad vibes low. TOGETHER WE ARE THE FACTORY!!! Our musical influences range from various genres, both old and new, such as The Strokes, Velvet Underground, Radiohead, etc. So if you love them then you'll love us even more! Check out our facebook for more rad content!
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Active since: February, 2017
Genre/s: alternative rock, alt rock/brit pop, indie rock, Garage Rock, Rock
Sounds like: the strokes, Arctic Monkeys, the arctic monkeys, Weezer, The White Stripes, Rage against the machine
Members: Tim, Jackson, Gab, Jawad, Jakeb


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