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El Blat

El Blat

Is a Brazilian dj/producer, member of SOMA Records, resident in Melbourne. Using the art of turntablism, he surfs between strands of hip hop, trip hop, funk, downtempo and voodoohop, without losing the essence of his Brazilian groove as well as drawing influence from African and Jazz music. With 5 years of experience he has performed with big names in the music scene in Australia and Brazil such as: DJ Nuts, DJ Nyack, Familia Madá, Sants, Vekr, DJ Eb as well as performing with Melbourne-based crew, Tamo Junto. Having moved to Melbourne in July 2017, El Blat has been on a mission to bring his unique flare down under - scratching all over Australia.
Active since: July, 2014
El Blat.


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El Blat
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El Blat
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El Blat