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Ei Marchini

Ei Marchini

Eil Marchini is an Italian born multi-instrumentalist. He intertwines genres such as indie-folk, roots and blues-rock. Heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix and John Butler Trio, Eil’s live sound is nothing more than infectious. In 2017 he released a demo album "Smile", which is 10 tracks deep and was recorded on the road, in part in Italy, in part in Australia. Eil is currently working with Australian producer Blake Malone on his first full length studio album, "Lost in the Universe". The release of the first single is planned to be in summer 2018 (northern hemisphere).
Active since: January, 2015
Genre/s: indie pop, indie rock, Alt Folk, Blues
Sounds like: Bon Iver, John Butler Trio, Xavier Rudd, Jack Broadbent
Alessandro Marchini


WIldcard Votessort ascending
Drowning for You
Ei Marchini
Loop 21
Ei Marchini
The River
Ei Marchini