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Drôle Music

Drôle Music

Drôle an imaginary being which is able to frighten, goblin, troll. From the old Nordic Viking language of his connected heritage. From ethereal, swirling cinematic soundscapes to energy-infused bass-bothering tech growlers. there’s nothing quite like being locked into a Drôle music set. In a dance scene increasingly inhabited by inflated egos and gimmicks a heads-down crack-on attitude to the essence of a progressive musical electronic journey is what he is all about. Specifically orientated to long transforming sets. The real beauty in his musical story lies in an unflinching belief in the music he plays. Heavily influenced by Norwegian electronica. With new music comes new chapters in the journey, constantly weaving and changing at a pace meant to immerse the listener into another world.
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Active since: January, 2014
Genre/s: electronic, electronica, progressive electronic, progressive, Dance, trip hop, Electro, Deep House, House
Sounds like: Trentemoller, john pigweed, depeche mode, Moby
Members: Edward Whadcoat


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