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Hey! Name's Matthew, and I am a 19 year old music producer who, originally from New Zealand, is now studying at Australian National University. My story is nothing special, in fact I can hardly say I have a story at all yet. A budding producer in his baby steps, I've got quite a ways to go. I started playing around with digital audio workstations around 2014 or so, and have been steadily improving my skills in music production since then. Why did I start? Well, I suppose I just really enjoyed making music. Listening to other people's music, I always thought of ways I could improve them or add something more - such is the mind of a composer I guess. Nevertheless, my goal is not really to become some famous EDM hotshot producer the likes of deadmau5 or Avicii. Instead, I focus on video game music, cinematics, OSTs, the kind of music you would hear in the background of your favorite film or game. Such as it is, this kind of music does not draw particularly from specific artists and has few influences I can actually name, mostly coming from videogame OST composers. The rate that I compose at I imagine is a good amount slower than most, only posting maybe 2 or 3 tracks a year - this is mostly because I put a lot of time into creating many different versions and waiting for inspiration. However, what I lack in speed of production I believe is made up fully by the quality of my work - my music speaks for itself. My style is likely going to be rather different than most and is also likely to be not everyone's cup of tea, but for the few whose tea it is for, I hope you thoroughly enjoy my music.
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Active since: January, 2015
Genre/s: electronic, acoustic, orchestral, videogame, cinematic, soundtrack
Sounds like: Ronald Jenkees, Darren Korb, Chris Christodoulou
Members: Matthew Qiu


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