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DeJake Live

I've been in love with writing lyrics and hip-hop since I was ten years old and it's been a passion, hobby and love ever since. Since then I've written hundreds of songs and been lucky enough to perform live at youth events of hundreds of people in multiple countries. I have high energy and love interacting with the audience and bringing the most powerful, exciting experience possible for the listeners. My main instruments are my keyboard and laptop which I play and use on stage, lining up, playing and performing my own tracks electronically on stage. I love writing and producing music, and all my music has been written and produced on my own.
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Active since: March, 2016
Genre/s: rap, hip hop, electronic, Alternitive
Sounds like: Twenty One Pilots, Hopsin, NF
Members: Jake Welch


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Return of DeJake 46
Dumb Boy (Hook Vocals Only) 46
Trumpets Ft. Wednesday Toonz 45




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