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From Crisis To Collapse

From Crisis To Collapse

The world is ablaze with conflict. Despite the supposed enlightenment the digital age has fostered, from one corner of the globe to the next, humankind displays its destructive nature. The powers that be encourage a dumbing down of the masses to enable a divisive and self indulgent culture. From humanitarian and environmental crisis to social disparity and disfunction, the age we inhabit is a wild ferment created by a lineage of apathy, greed and tyranny. This bleak backdrop frames Byron Bay's newest extreme metal band, From Crisis To Collapse. With members hailing from the streets of The Basque Country Spain, Naples Italy, Sydney, Brisbane and Byron Bay, From Crisis To Collapse encompass a wide range of influences and views. The experience of all five members have been funnelled into a blast furnace and galvanised into a harrowing account of the world we inhabit. The band hase been on a furious mission since forming in November 2015 to write and perform art that displays high level musicianship with confronting subject matter that is relevant to the trials that humanity and the world at large encounter. 2017 saw the band in a cycle of relentless writing, rehearsal and performance that culminated in a take no prisoners approach to their assault on Australia's underground scene.
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Active since: March, 2017
Genre/s: Extreme Metal
Sounds like: The Haunted, Hypocrisy, Revocation, At The Gates
Members: Ian Konrad, Marco Penniello, Unai Aldecoa, Chad Ellis, Angus Carter


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