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Cooks & Bakers

Cooks & Bakers

Since Forming in early 2018, young Newcastle Alt/Indie Rock trio Cooks & Bakers have traveled the NSW coast sharing their take on modern rock, "carving out an incredibly unique space for themselves in the Australian indie-rock scene". - Happy Mag (2019). The band is composed of Campbell Ross (Guitar and Vocals), Finn Ellem (Drums) and Nathaniel Duggan (Bass Guitar). After releasing their debut single in January 2019, "Don't Hold Your Breath" saw success on Spotify having reached over 60K streams without being added to any editorial playlist. Recently (29th of march 2019), Cooks & Bakers released their 2nd second single, "Cage". "Cage" reached 10th on the overall charts 3 days after release and reached 4th the following week on the same chart. Ranking 2nd on the overall rock charts. Happy Mag described "Cage" as a "unique slice of indie rock brilliance...with rich instrumentation and colourful vocal hooks..the kind of track that sticks with you for weeks". Identified as an "unabashed earworm" by Newcastle Live "Cage" has now reached over 23K streams on Spotify alone.
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Active since: February, 2018
Genre/s: Alt Rock, alternative pop, indie rock, Rock
Sounds like: nothing but thieves, Ocean Alley, pinegrove
Members: Campbell Ross, Finn Ellem, Nathaniel Duggan


Votes (2019)sort ascending
Cage 6,293
Don't hold your breath 6,118




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