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Colours of Spectrum

Colours of Spectrum

My name is Jordan Ozana, i was born here in Sydney, grown up here in Sydney. i didn't do very well in school, i remember i used to spend every waking hour of free time i had on my laptop searching the depths of youtube for the deepest and most unheard music i could find, i was addicted, and my marks suffered because of this obsession. but you know, i did well enough to get into the course i wanted to get into, what was that -- a Bachelor of Music and Sound Design at the University of Technology Sydney. Its been really fun and iv'e learnt a lot both inside and outside of the music paradigm. outside of this course i spend most of my hours focusing on my production and hip hop writing and recording. Under my artist name - Colours of Spectrum - i will and already have released multiple styles of genres within music to the public to experience and enjoy. (the name says it all, if you think about it). i have just very recently released some brand new hip hop, yet this is my electronic production entry. I love music with all my heart, i want to pursue is some way shape or form in the future. i just came across this competition this morning and honestly had no idea it existed prior. i think i provide something really unique and different with my production style, because its not all about drops or construction although these things are important, but rather about the emotion that goes into the production, a sort of realness, something substantial with feeling. I hope you enjoy peace. COS
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Active since: January, 2010
Genre/s: electronic, Experimental, ambient, House, Techno
Sounds like: Flume, st Germain, Goldfish, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Omar
Members: just me


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Utopian Epilouge 188
Excuse me Mr Priest 169
Sunrise of the Milkyway 163



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