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Callum Berry

Callum Berry

From the coastal town thingy, of Halliday's Point, I've been beating a guitar and making some sounds since 2nd grade. I wasn't the loudest kid. I grew up playing the acoustic guitar for most of the time, I always wanted to be in a rock band, but I never really understood how feedback worked and consequently was terrified of my squealing box of death, leading to an irrational fear of playing electric. I got over it though. When I was 16, I plugged in my guitar, cranked it, and wrote my first real song. Singing was learnt by mimicry, and harmonica was blasted at my grandparents cockatoo until i got it right. The rest is unwritten history too boring to read and too long to write.
Active since: September, 2018
Genre/s: Indie-rock, alternative, Jazz, Singer-Songwriter, Blues, chill, surf-rock, lofi, Folk, Garage Rock
Sounds like: Mac Demarco, jack johnson, Pete Murray, hockey dad, Vacations
Just lonely ol' cal


WIldcard Votessort ascending
Dancing Away From Shore
Callum Berry
Less Than Friends
Callum Berry