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Callum Berry

Callum Berry

Just shouting into the wind and hoping the noise lands somewhere else. I've been writing songs here and there these past few years, singing a bit, playing a guitar, and faking it the rest of the way. Making music gives me something to do, and by breaking off a piece of it and sharing it with the world, I can get out of bed a bit easier. I’m not very prolific with no awards or impressive gigs under my belt, but you’ll see me from time to time, playing a song in a little corner at a bar, getting some claps here and there while trying to flog a $5 CD pipe dream.
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Active since: September, 2018
Genre/s: Indie-rock, Folk, Soul
Sounds like: Mac Demarco, Neil Young, Jack Carty, Bob Dylan
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Cheap Perfume 258
Less Than Friends 254
Tears In Rain 216




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