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Kirtan Singh, or Blackcurrant, has been producing music since 2013. While he produces music electronically, he learnt how to play the guitar and was a member of a jazz band. As an Australian Sikh, he has also participated in many religious performances, on the guitar and harmonium. Many of his skills are self taught and implemented by observing others and doing his own research into musical techniques. Since 2016, Blackcurrant has taken great lengths to improve his musical abilities and strengths by incorporating many aspects of a variety of genres in his music. His songs have been entered into several competitions, to no avail but he continues to produce music, getting better each and every time. His influences range from KSHMR and his epic melodies to the big room feel of Borgeous. Everyday is a new experience and possible influences for his music, which greatly effect the music he produces. In 2018, he was shortlisted in UniSounds 2018, with the goal of reaching the finals and performing in 2019. His entered tracks cover a range of genres but flow consecutively with one another. Genie, titled after the Robin Williams/Will Smith character from Aladdin, incorporates ethnic style melodies and instruments to create a progressive tune. Haunted, named for its eerie feel, has a heavy bass feel to it and perfectly suits the club environment. Mortis, named after a planet in the beloved Star Wars franchise, is a big room track with a catchy melody and powerful leads. All tracks are unique in their own way and reflect the Blackcurrant's thoughts, feelings and interests. For the future, the Blackcurrant has many plans to share his name and identity with the world.
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Active since: August, 2013
Genre/s: Dance, Melbourne Bounce, Big Room, Tropical House
Sounds like: KSHMR, Kygo, Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Bassjackers, Borgeous
Members: Kirtan Singh (Blackcurrant)


Votes (2019)sort ascending
Haunted 174
Mortis 165
Genie 150




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