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ashley iona

ashley iona

"Welcome to my leaving party. I'm leaving. It's been wild. I've crowded 30 houses, packed them up each year, full of misadventures, strange nights and tears. I wanna tell these stories, I can't help it how it sounds. Show+tell seems so petty but writing these songs has kept my feet on this ground. I was sold into believing that time was slipping away, that I should be something bigger, better, have something #more to say. Call it growth or call it telling all that to just F-off. I couldn't give a fuck if these old rich men don't like what I've got. I've wished away my memories, but then I wrote them in these songs, because when i do there's a tiny voice that tells me this is where I belong. So here they are! For you and them, on a silver platter my little heart. I hope they plant a seed somewhere. I hope they dance around you in the dark." 'Leaving' is the follow up single from Ashley Iona's debut IONA EP. Taking her time writing this single and the upcoming EP, each track was created and produced by Ashley and her guitar player John Romeo. There are other things she done that are really cool, like writing this bio, but for now listen to the track, and if you like it, play it again. I loved making this song so much, I hope it makes you want to sing along really loudly in your car. Love ashley
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Active since: June, 2015
Genre/s: alternative pop
Sounds like: The Cranberries, Radiohead, Alison Moyet, The Wombats, The Killers, silverchair, Rage against the machine, nirvana, dune rats, Angie McMahon, fantagram
Members: ashley iona, john romeo


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Eye Of The Storm (Demo) 56
Leaving 53
Lullaby 44




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